Monday, December 17, 2007

Chris Dodd's Filibuster

The telecom companies want immunity from prosecution for their complicity and active participation in spying on American citizens. If no laws have been broken, why would one want or need immunity?

In a Republican world of "personal responsibility" it seems no one wants to be held accountable. The administration wants to eliminate the system of checks and balances that have served our country well for over 200 years and now, telecoms want to be excused from responsibility for their actions (in advance). What ever happened to that ole' time value of taking responsibility?

On Monday, December 17th, 2008, Chris Dodd will take to the floor the Senate and begin his filibuster of telecom immunity. He will start talking and he won't stop until he loses a cloture vote or Harry Reid shelves any FISA bill containing retroactive immunity.

To close debate, opponents will have to muster 60 votes. If every Republican (and Joe Lieberman) votes for cloture, this means at least 10 Democrats will have to betray their fellow party member to end Dodd's filibuster.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton have all said they will support Dodd's filibuster. Senator Feingold is also supporting Dodd.

Find out more about Chris Dodd's Filibuster here.

Finally, a Democrat with a spine!

If you're not familiar with the circumstances, this article in the New York Times will provide a briefing.

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