Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who WAS that Guy ...

... and why was he keeping track of the number of times Alberto Gonzolez said he couldn't remember?

Sgt. Adam Kokesh, former USMC

That's me in the photograph. My name is Adam Kokesh and I am a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. I have a profile on our website at IVAW.org. The hat is a Marine Corps issue Boonie Cover and I only wear it when trying to underscore the veteran point. Thanks for all the kind words.

BTW, that count of 56 was only the half-time score. Senator Schumer actually warned him against saying, "I don't recall," and I thought my idea was shot, but he was so far off message it didn't matter anyway. My final count was 74.

More of Sgt. Kokesh's comments ...

High School Goths Win Lawsuit

Wicca, the worship of chubby girls showing generous amounts of cleavage and pissing off your parents, is now officially recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA announced that it will begin engraving a Wiccan pentagram on the headstones of fallen heroes now eating turkey legs at that Great Renaissance Faire in the Sky.

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A History of Bees

Landon Jones on Huffington Post
The ominous news that honeybee populations are collapsing precipitously around the country ought to alarm more of us than almond and apple growers. Scientists in search of the culpable parties have blamed, at various times, pesticides, herbicides, virulent viruses, loss of habitat, and cell-phone radiation. There is one group, however, which brings a special insight to the disappearance of the European honeybee.

From the time the first European settlers arrived on this continent, Native Americans marked the westward advance of Euro-American civilization by the arrival of the first honeybees. Today they, like us, might assign more than an incidental meaning to their vanishing.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back into the archives

Light and Shadow
Tucson Botanical Gardens

I've been going back through the archives and working on images that I'd planned to work on a while ago ... but never got 'round to. It's my way of putting off actually going out and looking for more images. It's hard to get motivated. In the meantime, springtime is rattlesnake season and I hate going out in the bush alone. As Candy points out, I probably wouldn't hear the rattle until it was too late. I hate to admit it but, she's probably right.

This was taken at the Tucson Botanical Gardens a couple months ago.. I was intrigued by the interplay of light and shadow; the geometric quality of the sunlight passing through the ramada, creating blocks of light and dark and the free-form, linear quality of the plant.

Arched Walls

Mission San Xavier de Bac
Tohono O'Odham, AZ

The writing is on the wall

News Item: US builds Baghdad wall to keep Sunnis and Shias apart

Most Likely Graffiti Tags That Will Soon Appear On New Baghdad Wall

Missing (Hint: It's not a TV series)

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Makes sense to me ...

We Are Getting Tired of Prying Your Guns out of Your Cold Dead Hand
by Elayne Boosler

If 33 people were killed by apples instead of guns at Virginia Tech, there wouldn't be an apple left on the shelves or in the homes of this country until apples could be made safe. Screw your "constitutional right" to have an apple, there is something called the "greater good", and the good of the country takes precedence over your "interpretation" of any amendment in the now defunct anyway constitution. Just ask the spinach growers, and the people who love to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. And why do you always forget the words, "well regulated militia"?

Worth reading on a Sunday morning ... but ya gotta promise to read it ALL THR WAY THROUGH.

In Anticipation ...

On the Way to Gila Cliff Dwellings (Ray, Jackie and Candy)
North of Silver City, NM

Last fall Candy, Jackie, Ray and I took a road trip to Silver City, New Mexico. Some time before that, we made a long weekend out of a jaunt up to Jerome. In anticipation of our next road trip, this time to Albuquerque, NM, here's a little bit of nostalgia from Silver City that I worked on this morning in a fit of insomnia.

The Palace Hotel - Early Morning Sun
Silver City, NM