Saturday, December 22, 2007

Campaign Funding

On the Houston Chronicle site (second item):

"Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has been gaining ground in the Republican presidential primaries, is scheduled to meet campaign donors in Houston today at the Tanglewood home of physician Steve Hotze, a longtime Christian conservative activist. Like other major presidential candidates, Huckabee is making a last dash for Texas cash before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary next month. His trip includes a fundraising event in Dallas after his Houston event."

So, who is this Hotze guy and what does he stand for? Let's take a quick look:

"As a Christian fundamentalist who espouses antigay rhetoric, he's received his share of criticism. Hotze first popped up on the radar in 1982, when he supported a proposed Austin ordinance that would have made it legal for homosexuals to be denied housing based on their sexual orientation. Hotze's organization, Austin Citizens for Decency, proposed the measure to see if Austinites wanted to afford 'special privileges to sodomites.'

Hotze was able to better articulate his views in 1986, when he was one of dozens of ministers, professionals and laypersons who signed the Coalition on Revival's Manifesto for the Christian Church. The coalition claims on its Web site to be a national network of religious leaders aligned in a mission "to help the Church rebuild civilization on the principles of the Bible so God's will may be done on earth as it is in heaven." They want all aspects of life -- government, science and education -- to adhere to fundamental biblical beliefs. These beliefs include the following:

  • A wife may work outside the home only with her husband's consent
  • "Biblical spanking" that results in "temporary or superficial bruises or welts" should not be considered a crime
  • No doctor shall provide medical service on the Sabbath
  • All disease and disability is caused by the sin of Adam and Eve
  • Medical problems are frequently caused by personal sin
  • "Increased longevity generally results from obedience to specific Biblical commands"
  • Treatment of the "physical body" is not a doctor's highest priority
  • Doctors have a priestly calling
  • People receiving medical treatment are not immune from divine intervention or demonic forces
  • Physicians should preach to their patients because salvation is the key to their health"

Yup ... just what the doctor ordered. Find the full rundown on Hotze along with some really, really good medical advice here.

By the way, were you aware that "The Flintstones" was a documentary?

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