Saturday, July 10, 2004

Shooting Rodney went well. At least I thought it went well. Rodney grew up here in Tucson, but he'd never been to the Saguaro National Park. He was surprised to find there was a road that we could use to get around the lower portion at the foot of the Rincons.

We used the wash at the far northern end of the circuit and later the rock outcrop about 3/4 of the way around. We came away with about 130 frames ... some of them quite good.

Rodney arrived on Musecube about a month ago with a handful of web cam photographs of himself in his portfolio. No one took him seriously. However, he asked me very politely if I would work with him. Based on his civil approach I thought I'd take a flyer. Besides, I need more "people pictures" in my portfolio.

I put one of the images up in the Model Critique gallery on MuseCube. There have been two comments so far ... both, interestingly, from photographers I respect for their portfolios:

Comment by: Shadowscape (July 09, 2004)
Rated: 10

What the heck am I doing over in this section. Oh well....
You have an amazing way of capturing the everyday in a not so everyday fashion. You seem to see things the rest of us don't. Maybe we do, but do not see the potential in them the way you do.
Kudos my friend for treating the rushing world to what they are passing by at such high speed.

Comment by: Teez (July 09, 2004)
Rated: 10

I agree with the previous critiquer....your work is always an inspiration to view as well as thought provoking. My immediate thought when viewing this was..."what is he looking at? What is he thinking"?

Wonderful tones and it...:)

Its very gratifying to have such positive comments.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I have the office hardware pretty well under control. Almost everything is working the way it should. Now it's time to work on the book cases. It'll be great to have the library back again. The books and art collection have been packed for over a year. Opening the cartons has been like Christmas - rediscovering the old and familiar things.

To quote Candy, "This is more like it."
New day, new opportunities. We're moved for the most part. There are still some things left at the other house, but we can take care of them easily.

We were without a cable hookup in my office over the holiday weekend. That has been remedied and I'm back in business.

I got a "hellooooo" from Roginski. He's resigned the bank and is now working with Eric at the brokerage.

We are fitting into the house quite nicely. I like the kitchen. I don't feel like I'm craawling around on the floor to get things out of cabinets or like I'm about to bump into somethihng if I turn around. The pool table fits where we'd hoped it would and, overall, the house is quite "showy"

I'll be shooting tomorrow. A male model named Rodney. I took the opportunty just to have a reason for shooting.

I've also been thinking about doing a send up of all the Travel Channel Grand Canyon stuff. I have a little artists manaquin that I want to take out into the desert and shoot in some "Perils of Pauline" situations ... and title the series "Bland Canyon"