Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Home Page ...

... of the Department of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University. It begins:

"The faculty in the department of biological sciences is committed to the highest standards of scientific integrity and academic function. This commitment carries with it unwavering support for academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas. It also demands the utmost respect for the scientific method, integrity in the conduct of research, and recognition that the validity of any scientific model comes only as a result of rational hypothesis testing, sound experimentation, and findings that can be replicated by others."

It continues ...

"The department faculty, then, are unequivocal in their support of evolutionary theory, which has its roots in the seminal work of Charles Darwin and has been supported by findings accumulated over 140 years. The sole dissenter from this position, Prof. Michael Behe, is a well-known proponent of "intelligent design." While we respect Prof. Behe's right to express his views, they are his alone and are in no way endorsed by the department. It is our collective position that intelligent design has no basis in science, has not been tested experimentally, and should not be regarded as scientific."

(Emphasis added.)

Sign of the Devil

Isn't Bulgaria an Orthodox Christian country?

In another cross cultural mis-step (on the order of calling the war on al Qaeda a "crusade") Bush works overtime to alienate everyone on the planet.

I wonder who that "higher authority" Bush answers to might be?

U.S. Arming Sunnis in Iraq to Battle Old Qaeda Allies

Published: June 11, 2007

BAGHDAD, June 10 — With the four-month-old increase in American troops showing only modest success in curbing insurgent attacks, American commanders are turning to another strategy that they acknowledge is fraught with risk: arming Sunni Arab groups that have promised to fight militants linked with Al Qaeda who have been their allies in the past.

Full story ...

What could POSSIBLY go wrong with THIS plan?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Religion - our maelstrom of ignorance

We've got a new Gallup poll on evolution to agonize over. It's nothing but bad news—we are a nation of uneducated morons. Gary chose to weep over the political correlation: look how membership in the Republican party is tied to ignorance about science.

Check it out ...

Sad but True

The older I get the more I find my deep, abiding love for all of humanity is often compromised by my dislike of people in general.