Thursday, March 03, 2005


On the way to the Cafeteria

I've always found hospitals to be intimidating places. I find them disorienting and, in many ways, very lonely places. candy's surgery had me hanging around the Tucson Medical Center for two days running. The ironic thought that occurred to me is that I have spent, by far, more time in hospitals in the last 10 years than I had in the previous 45 combined.

I tried to capture some of the feelings I experienced in the run up to Candy's surgery and in the aftermath. I've put the images up elsewhere.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Early Dinner at the OK Corral

Monday, February 28, 2005

Signs of Spring

Spring has Arrived in the Sonora

While snow is falling by the foot in PA and NJ, we're out shooting flowers in the desert and sending the images back to instill hope in those who are loosing theirs.

I can't understand why they find these flower pictures so annoying. I would think looking at them would be a nice break from shoveling out from under.

Hanging Around the House

Playing With Ourselves

My wife and I are very particular about the people we hang out with. We insist that they be very similar to us. We want the to have opinions that reflect our opinions. We want them to be interested in the same things we're interested in. It's the differences between people that creat tension. Better we should all be more alike.

Incidentally, the photographs on the wall are mine, not his. I'm a better photographer than he is.