Sunday, October 03, 2004

MSNBC - Bush rips Kerry on 'global test' remark: "President Bush said Saturday Democrat John Kerry's debate remark that U.S. preemptive military action should be subject to a 'global test' would give other nations a veto over American national security decisions. Meanwhile, Kerry, speaking in Florida, accused Bush of 'serious misjudgements' on the economy as well as the war in Iraq."

Obviously Bush doesn't understand what a "global test" is all abut. Were I to try to explain to the block head what it means, I would point out that one must consider the global ramifications of any action and, if in the light of the effect one's actions have throughout the world - does it benefit the US more than it harms the US; does it strengthen us on a global scale rather than weaken us on that scale - then an action would pass a "global test". On the other hand, as with this ill advised invasion of Iraq (on par with Roosevelt invading Mexico in response to Pearl Harbor) - the action has cost us significantly more than it's benefited us.

I thought Bush was supposed to be an MBA. Surely if he was paying attention in class (rather than being the subject of a social promotion thanks to daddy) he'd understand cost/benefits analysis.