Friday, November 27, 2009

Why Right Wingnut Republicans Can't Govern

  • don't understand economics
  • can't read polls
  • can't balance a budget
  • support deficit spending when they're in office
  • can't understand the implications of climate change
  • are afraid of the census
  • don't get that "tax and spend" is actually "pay as you go"
  • think that Medicare for All is a government takeover
  • imagine funding war is good and while providing health care (at a fraction of the cost) is bad

It's because they think a pie chart can add up to more than 100%!

Faux Noise brings it all together ... one picture is worth thousands of words!

Zombie Reagan Fails The Reagan Test

or watch the video on on YouTube after the click ...

My comment: not since the days of Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler has a political party demanded a loyalty oath to the party before the country ...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Death Party

David Sirota on Huffington Post

Think about it: On health care, Republicans are arguing that Democrats are "rushing" legislation through Congress - legislation that would bring down the astronomical number of deaths that occur thanks to our broken health care system. At the same time, they are attacking President Obama for not more quickly escalating the Afghanistan War - an escalation that would likely result in a large number of American and Afghan deaths.

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