Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And its 1-2-3 what are we fightin' for?

'Bad' Women Raped and Killed in Southern Iraq

by Ali al-Fadhily on AntiWar

Women are being killed by militia groups in southern Iraq for not conforming to strict Islamic ways, the police say. And increased threats from militia groups are driving many women away from their homes.

Basra police chief Gen. Jalil Hannoon has told reporters and Arab TV channels that at least 40 women have been killed during the past five months in the southern city.

"We are sure there are many more victims whose families did not report their killing for fear of scandal," Hannoon said.

The militias dominated by the Shia Badr Organization and the Mahdi Army are leading imposition of strict Islamic rules. The enforcement of these rules comes at a time when British troops have left Basra, the biggest town in the south, to the Iraqi government.

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My comment: I guess we're winning ... democracy and freedom are on the march! Mission accomplished!!

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