Saturday, April 07, 2007

Portrait of Jesse

Jesse Markham - aspiring male model.

We're using my old 1967 Yamaha FG-180 as a prop. Jesse can actually struggle through a couple of chords.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Retrieved from the archives

"We were so much older then, I'm younger then than now" - Bob Dylan

February, 1975
Burma Brown

Rehearsal photo, Minoa, New York

Left to right:
  • Joe Sweeney - Bass; vocals
  • Randy Olem - Keyboard; vocals
  • Rich Luzzi - Drums; Lead vocals
  • Me - Guitar (not pictured)

October, 1978

Rehearsal at The Country Manor in Cleveland, New York (on the north shore of Oneida Lake) for the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department.

Left to Right
  • Me - Guitar
  • Dave Goldman - Guitar
  • John DeWolf - Drums
  • Arnie Fisher - Lead vocals (not pictured)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why do the Mormons Hate Dick Cheney?

Dick gets uninvited to speak at Bringham Young University, one of the most conservative universities in the most conservative states of the Union.
The private university, which is owned by the Mormon church, has “a heavy emphasis on personal honesty and integrity in all we do,” said Warner Woodworth, a professor at BYU’s business school. “Cheney just doesn’t measure up.”
It tells you something, I suppose ... but only if you haven't been paying attention for the last six or seven years ...

Why Does Bill O’Reilly Hate Our Troops and American Values?

Bill O'Reilly accuses a 29-year vet of the US Army and a teacher of International Law of hating America.

It begs the questions ... what was Bill O Reilly's service record like and where did he get his degree in International Law?

The answers are that 1.) he has NO military record and 2.) he there's no record of him studying International Law at any institution that teaches it.

The fact of the matter is, anyone who disagrees with Bill O'Reilly somehow gets labeled as hating America ... amazing, isn't it?

How is it that a second rate entertainer, ignorant of the Constitution and what the founding father's intended for this country to be, incapable of carrying on an honest discourse can be so popular? I honestly think the answer lies in the question.

Get the story and the video clip here ...

Why does the Republican Party hate the Constitution?

Why do they prefer dictatorial authoritarianism to democratic rule of law?

Which characteristics define the modern-day Republican Party? Glenn has some thoughts
and they are downright chilling.