Saturday, June 12, 2004

I'd wanted to drive up to Montezuma's Castle today - about four hours up the road from here - to shoot the ruins while I can still do that on my own steam. Candy argued that it was really a weekend trip. We're going to a Home and Garden Show instead. I've gone to thise things before. They're dull as paint but I'll take a cmera just the same. I need more portfolio fodder - one or two more archetecturals would be nice. If Candy is feeling good, maybe I can walk us toward downtown and find something there.
I can't wait til the move is over. We've been living in this place for a little over a year now and it has driven me so far into myself that sometimes I fear I will never come out again.

1,472 Square feet to 2,160 square feet! We've been buying furniture and there's more on the list. I'm doing the Great Living Room sort of like an Edwardian Gentalmen's Club - complete with a pool table and Mission (Craftsmen) style couches and chairs. Finally a place that we can make our own.

There is a problem on the horizon and, as a result, there are so many things I want to do over the next year. A little background: the perscription for my glasses has not changed materially for the last 15-20 years - at least that's what I've been told by a succession of optometrists. Over that period of time I've lived in Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and I've had to obtain driver's licenses in each of those places. In the past, when encountering a challenge with "line 4" on the eye test (resulting for an aesthigmatic condition), I've resorted to the "not from the doctor" ploy. Each of those states has had a form. Arizona - according to the clerk at the motor vehicles department when Candy went for her testing - does not have or accept doctor notes. I fear my freedom of mobility will cease in August a year from now. Yes, there are so many things I want to do in the next year.

Friday, June 11, 2004

A Message to KSM (Ken) ... See the link to his blog in the previous entry (below):

Ken –

I spent WAY more time reading your blog than I imagined I would … sucked in, as it were. It’s probably the most interesting and engaging piece of off the cuff writing I’ve encountered in a while.

I tend to jump in on one side of an issue or another, more for the sake of using the discussion as a means to hang my thoughts in the air so I can see what I’m really thinking than I do to score wins or losses. I’ve found the environmental nude discussion has been a great help to me in arm wrestling my way through the competing ideas.

I thought the idea of discussing reality versus perception was interesting – but I think a more visceral exchange might be an exploration of what draws photographers and models to this particular area of the arts – and what is the relationship between these photographers and these models. What drives these people to play their respective roles – freezing their asses off in a Sub-Arctic winter to get a picture of a naked person dry humping a snow bank?

As a parenthetical aside and just for the sake of argument, I’d would argue that perceived reality is the only reality and leave it at that. (Someone once accused me of being the intellectual equivalent of a drive by shooter. I think they probably mean something on the order of, “deadly at the initial encounter but without much follow-up after the fact.”)

Reading your stuff did two things for me, both good in my estimation – ok, maybe more than two things. First, they gave me the sense that I should pass on the coffee this morning and move straight on to the bourbon without benefit of side trips or stops along the way. Secondly and far more importantly, the narrative gave a context to your work that I’d not had previously. The blog was for me the Rosette Stone that I needed to find my way into your visual vocabulary. Where the images were before a series of individual hieroglyphs related more by style than anything else, I now have solid clues to the underlying drift of the “words” and “sentences” and “chapters” of the images – or at very least some clues on how to get there.

Your stuff is WAY more interesting after a couple of peeks inside your head.

I figured E-mail would be best for a personal aisde. Hope you don't mind me cluttering up your mailbox.

Politics is and always be an attack on the gastro intestinal system. Photography - done as a solitary pursuit or with others such as the occasional model - is much more calming and, in the long run, more productive on a personal level.

I discovered MuseCube in February and I've been building a portfolio there. I have had a similar membership at OneModelPlace for years but it is less than inspiring. MuseCube, though smaller, seems to have a far higher level of intellect.

KSM's blog

A number of us have been engaged in a discussion of "the nude in the envoronment". I've made a number of provocative comments. Conversation has gotten deeper than I imagined it would. The intellectual exercise is making attrophied mental muscles ache - a very good feeling.