Thursday, November 27, 2003

We couldn't find Ossama in Afghanistan so we attacked Iraq ...

Rumsfeld Says Saddam Like a Needle in a Haystack

I guess that means we should now attack the Falkland Islands?
Does ANYONE in the media know how to use the word "alleged"?

'Alleged victim had praised Jackson in Feb audiotape' :

"Michael Jackson's alleged 12-year-old victim and his mother made an audiotape in February praising the superstar and signed affidavits clearing the 'king of pop' of inappropriate behaviour.

But the victim's mother now says that she was confused and coerced into it.

The alleged audiotape and affidavit were made after the broadcast of a documentary in which the pop star admitted that he sleeps in the same bed with young boys, New York's 'Daily News' reported.

The alleged cancer survivor's mother went to Jackson's Neverland ranch after the boy was spotted in the documentary and became the target of 'cruel teasing' by his classmates."

Does ANYONE still TRY to spreak Engrish? Does ANYONE care?
Is it an alleged audio tape that actually might be something else?

Are they suggesting that the kid MIGHT be a cancer survivor but MAYBE he's not? Or is the suggestion that the person who's making alligations about the tape and affidavit might be not the kid's mother?

Are we so concerned with covering our asses that we've started speaking gibberish?

Monday, November 24, 2003

But the Neo-cons don't think sanctions work .... they'd rather go to war amd kill someone

Key dates in Lockerbie bombing case