Saturday, November 08, 2003

If the facts don't fit, go back and get new facts ...

Bush big, bold, visionary, but is he out of touch?"

"In setting out a bold vision of a democratic Middle East, President Bush has once again demonstrated two trademarks of his presidency: a view of his job as a place to do grand things and a willingness to brush aside realities that might not fit into the bigger ideological picture. "

Thursday, November 06, 2003

One should always be careful of the bed one makes lest one be forced to lie in it.

That awful Vietnam comparison

"Ah, the weapons. In the run-up to the 2004 presidential elections, this issue may yet become thorny for Mr Bush. America went to war ostensibly to rid Saddam of his weapons of mass destruction. None has yet turned up, despite searches by hundreds of soldiers and trained inspectors. Congressional committees are investigating the quality of pre-war intelligence. In the Senate, Democrats on the intelligence committee are reportedly seeking an independent inquiry that would examine how the White House used intelligence (in other words, whether Mr Bush and his advisers exaggerated). Mr Bush has so far weathered evidence that he overstated Saddam’s efforts to obtain uranium and the links between the Iraqi regime and the September 11th attacks, but voters may ask harder questions as election day approaches."

Monday, November 03, 2003

16 Dead in Rocket Attack on US Chopper

New Attacks Intensify Pressure on Bush (

"But the latest round of attacks in Iraq, and especially yesterday's deaths -- which amounted to the biggest single day of losses since last spring's conventional war -- may prove more significant in strategic terms.

'It is damaging not only because of the tragic human toll, but also because it looks like a dramatic escalation in lethality and therefore begs obvious questions: Are all helicopters at risk now? Are we losing the initiative? Who is winning?' said Peter D. Feaver, a former National Security Council staff member who teaches political science at Duke University.

'If the attacks get interpreted as evidence that the Baathist holdouts are winning, then attacks like this can be as lethal for public support as they are for the soldiers involved,' he said. "

Sunday, November 02, 2003

That would be "Two Steps Backward and One Step Forward".

The Salt Lake Tribune -- U.S. military brass push to re-form units of Iraqi army

Its about time someone started showing a little "millitary intelligence".

"Some U.S. military officers in Iraq are pressing to reconstitute entire units of the former Iraqi army, which the top U.S. administrator in Baghdad disbanded in May. They say the change would speed the creation of a new army and stabilize the nation. "

So ... we figured it was a good idea to break up the units then, a few months later we decide it's a better idea to keep them in tact.

There may have been a plan for all of this but it wasn't one that drew on any past experience. It was all an overly optimistic pipe dream.
uh .... Bring 'em On? The President gets his wish. - Top Stories - Thirteen Killed After Helicopter Attacked in Iraq