Friday, December 28, 2007

The Challenge

or watch the video here ...


Trudy said...

love what he says about homeopathy. I've always been skeptical about that logic. Infinitesimal amounts of a compound in a solution of relatively huge amounts of water is supposed to do exactly what? Act like a vaccine on the body? Promote the body to take action immediately to heal?

It's not founded in Science. The fact that the Queen of England and her family believe in it, does not impress me. They believe in a concept called "royal blood" for godsake. yeah, THAT's Scientific.

Joe Kozlowski said...

Royal blood, indeed. I think they mean royal inbred DNA that's prone to giving them buck teeth and ears that would make Dumbo envious.

There are families in the back hills of Tennessee that could match them broken chromosome for broken chromosome ... and for the same reason ... they're kissin' cousins.