Thursday, November 22, 2007

Manufactured Landscapes

a feature documentary by Jennifer Baichwal

Edward Burtynsky is internationally acclaimed for his large-scale photographs of nature transformed by industry. Manufactured Landscapes – a stunning documentary by award winning director Jennifer Baichwal – follows Burtynsky to China, as he captures the effects of the country’s massive industrial revolution. This remarkable film leads us to meditate on human endeavour and its impact on the planet.

In interesting perspective on the effects of globalization, corporatization, and the changes in the world over the course of my lifetime. Stunning and thought provoking.

The photography is beautiful; the subject matter is something very different.

Of course, if you believe that human beings don't have an impact on the environment; that there's no way we could effect global warming; that pollution is only a minor problem ... then you probably want to avoid watching this one.

Available from Netflix and other DVD rental sources. RENT IT!

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