Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Making Used Car Salesmen Look Honest

On their watch:

Mission Accomplished; Last Throes; Cake Walk, WMD's, Nigerian Forgeries; Linkes to bin Laden; Fired Federal Prosecutors; Exposing CIA Agents; Swiftboaring for 'Truth'; Clean Air Act; No Child Left Behind; Suspension of Habeas Corpus; Signing Statements by-passing the Law; Wiretapping Citizens Without Warrants; Patriot Act; Libby Pardoned After Conviction; Missing E-Mail; Abu Ghraib; Waterboarding and Torture; Energy Task Force; No-bid Contracts; Missing Millions in Iraq; Haliburton Overcharges and Fraud; Boeing Hires Bush Official in gratitude for $23 Billion overpriced purchase; Jack Abramoff and the Indian Gaming Scandal; Tom DeLay's Ethics Issues and PAC Scandal; David Vitter Scandal; Foley Fondles Congressional Pages; Guantanamo; Doctored and Edited Science Reporting; Squandered Budget Surplus; Largest Budget Deficit in History; Tax Cuts for the Rich; Walter Reed Hospital Scandal, Buzzy and Cookie ...

Aren't you tired of this yet?

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