Wednesday, December 09, 2009

More: Why Right Wingnut Republicans Can't Govern

  • don't understand economics
  • can't read polls
  • can't balance a budget
  • support deficit spending when they're in office
  • can't understand the implications of climate change
  • are afraid of the census
  • don't get that "tax and spend" is actually "pay as you go"
  • think that Medicare for All is a government takeover
  • imagine funding war is good and while providing health care (at a fraction of the cost) is bad

My comment: You'd think they'd get it after getting debunked time and time again. No poll has ever represented 120% of the respondents. Only 100% of the people who answer a given question can represent all the people who answer the question. But in Fox-Conservative la-la land, 120% of respondents can answer a question.

Fact checking is a lost art on the right.

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