Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Memling Index

Yes, next to the other candidates Mitt looks like the old Marvel comic character Galactus. He’s like an energy sucking mutant in an evolutionary state between a giant with a out-of-whack pituitary gland and celestial body with it’s own gravitational pull.

Dennis Kucinich, whose modest net worth most closely resembles the average Americans, looks like a deer tick compared to Romney. Keep in mind Kucinich might not be rich but he certainly isn’t poor - his net worth is now somewhere over $200,000 making it more than twice the size of the median net worth of the average American family.

Actually, if you were to imagine the above scene in 1:1 real world scale, with Kucinich playing the role of the normal sized human and Mitt Romney being larger than him relative to there differences in net worth, Romney would be as tall as 6.7 Sears Roebuck towers stacked on top of each other ...

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