Sunday, January 06, 2008

McCain and Foreign Policy

McCain: ”It’s not American presence that bothers the American people, it’s American casualties, and if Americans are safe wherever they are in the world, American people don’t mind that. So, what I believe we can achieve is a reduction in casualties to the point where the Iraqis are doing the fighting and dying, we’re supporting them, and over time then there will be the relation between the two countries.”

Given that's basically the picture in Iraq as I write this, the Iraqis are, in fact doing most of the fighting and they're certainly doing by far most of the dying ... and we seem to support that. So ... no change.

We can just stand by while Iraqis fight and die as long as we get our oil and they're the ones who pay the price for our needs and wants. Good call!!

That explains it. They hate us for our freedom!

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