Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another dumb comment ...

Portsmouth (NH) Seacosst OnLine

As for pulling out of Iraq, McCain said there is only one man who will determine when that is appropriate and the name he mentioned was not his own.

“There is only one man who should decide when to withdraw from Iraq and that is (General) David Petraeus,” the Arizona Senator said.

OK ... So now I'm confused. Does that mean McCain DOESN'T want to be Commander-in-Chief? He doesn't even have the job yet and already he's trying to duck responsibility.

Here's a guy who is supposed to be a serious contender and he doesn't even know what the job description is!

The military gives orders to the civilian authorities in all those right-wing, banana republic, dictatorships we've been propping up for the last century. In our democracy the military takes its orders from the civilian authorities. At least that's the way it was structured in OUR Constitution.

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