Saturday, May 05, 2007

Political Darwin

A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin

By PATRICIA COHEN / New Your Times
Published: May 5, 2007
Evolution has long generated bitter fights between the left and the right about whether God or science better explains the origins of life. But now a dispute has cropped up within conservative circles, not over science, but over political ideology: Does Darwinian theory undermine conservative notions of religion and morality or does it actually support conservative philosophy?
That begs a little explanation ...

What a wonderful thing to watch! On one hand the believe in a capitalism that is pure survival of the fittest ... on the other hand, given the current circumstances, they're praying for divine intervention to save the party from complete and total implosion.

There are reasons to keep religion out of government (and politics). If you want to live in a theocracy, move to Iran or Saudi Arabia or join the Taliban.

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