Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hot Rod Heaven

For a long time I've patterned my life after that little know and often forgotten Roman emperor, Oblivious. Fortunately, my wife, Candy, covers for me by keeping a weather eye out for interesting things. Yesterday, she spotted a listing for a hot rod event here in Tucson ...

So, this morning (Saturday) I piled Candy and a camera into the car and we doodled on down to 4th Ave, our local asylum for the terminally hip with all its gift shops, tattoo parlors, coffee bars, vintage clothing stores and head shops. We found about 300 or so hot rods lined up on both sides of the street - more than 1/3 of a mile from one end of the double line of cars to the other - with an electric trolley running down the middle about every ten minutes and the motorman ringing his bell frantically.

I've been taking pictures of cars for years ... not because I particularly like cars on the same level these folks do but more because I absolutely LOVE what they do with them.

Classic Hot Rod

One in Front of the Other

Blue Flame Special


The Flame Job

I Remember My Cousin's Convertible

Mr. Nostalgia

Shooting cars at a show like this is fun but the trick is to find an angle where 1.) there aren't too many blinding highlights; 2.) you minimize the number of reflections in the near mirror finishes of yourself and the 30,000 other people crowding around and 3.) you can still recognize the subject of the shot as being at least some part of a car. Otherwise, it's a snap!

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