Monday, June 18, 2007

The Unintended Benefits of the Mess in Iraq ... an opinion

by Gina Nahai on Huffiington Post

So you can create peace between Israel and the Palestinians all you want; you're not going to bring lasting calm and stability to the Muslim world. The only way that's going to happen -- and I realize I'm being politically incorrect here -- is if a balance of power is created and maintained within the various Muslim states -- something akin to the Cold War. Which means, among other things, that the United States needs to establish a Sunni-led government in Iraq. And the only way that's going to happen -- now I'm beyond politically incorrect -- is for Western powers to find and back a tyrant as cruel and bloodthirsty as Saddam. Or Qaddafi. Or Khomeini.

Could this be a quick look into the future?

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