Thursday, June 21, 2007

God willing ...

By David Horton
on Hiffington Post

After the recent fatal train crash in Australia, an elderly woman survivor was interviewed about what had happened. The crash was her fault, she declared, eyes staring in shock, and went on to explain that a fellow passenger had said to her 'You'll be home soon' just before the crash and she had said 'Yes I will'. The reporter looked puzzled and she went on to say 'I should have said "I'll be home soon, God willing". I left off the God willing and so we crashed'.

This woman, for perhaps 70 years had been carrying around in her head this twin fearsome vision of the world and how it works. First, you never know when god is going to inflict some terrible disaster on you, so you can never know anything about the future for certain. In fact the future is completely random, and no matter what you do it is impossible to influence it in any way. So there can be no certainty in your plans because God might decide, on a whim, to roll a boulder down a mountain, or put a lorry in the way of a passenger train. And, as if all that isn't terrible enough, God is watching and listening all the time, and if he notices that you have forgotten to say 'God willing' when describing the possible events a few minutes into the future, he will instantly strike you down, and, if necessary, kill and injure dozens of innocent people (all of whom might have been feverishly saying 'God willing' at the end of every sentence) just to get at you for your presumption.

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