Sunday, March 04, 2012

One Man Show - "Walls, Windows and Doors"

(Press Release courtesy of The Amerind Foundation)

What: Walls, Windows and Doors, an exhibit by professional photographer Joe Kozlowski

Where: The Amerind Museum (

When: May 1-December 31, 2012

Exhibit description: Professional photographer Joe Kozlowski’s stunning photography examines the Walls, Windows and Doors of the American Southwest’s ancient ruins and historic structures. The photographer captures the artistry of ancient architectural elements, likening them to abstract impressionist paintings. For Kozlowski, the subject matter is a metaphor for human interaction: walls which isolate us, windows that provide us with insights into each other, and doors that help us connect. The changing nature of these structures from ancient Native American towns to recent Spanish Colonial churches poses questions for us. How have the functions of walls, windows and doors changed over time and between the cultures that created them?

About the Photographer: Joe Kozlowski is the son of a portrait/landscape artist and an elementary school teacher. He has been involved with photography as an amateur, semi-professional and professional since he was a child. With a background in cultural anthropology, his photos reveal the artistry in human structures and objects. Kozlowski’s photography is available in book form through They are also on display on-line at Fine Art America.

About the attached image: A signature piece of the exhibit, this photograph by Joe Kozlowski shows the doors of Pueblo Bonito, a ruin in New Mexico that was first built over one thousand years ago.

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