Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Creates Foundation to Aid Illiterate People Who Post Stupid Satire

In a rather curious but very bold development, a web site that allows writers to post their stories and/or editorials announced that they indeed had created a private not for profit foundation that would aid, as a spokesperson for described, "those writers so bereft of talent it defies description,and who write incredibly long sentences." said: "We face a daunting task as almost all of the writers from Europe and all of the writers from the US are pretty stupid. It will take billions to get them all properly trained, as some can't even begin to formulate proper sentence structure and some from the states are unable to properly spell words like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, George Bush, or turd. It's really quite staggering!"

Officials at are confident that they can start the first push by soliciting the writers themselves as up to 10% actually have a job, and up to one percent actually has a life.

Donations to the cause will be gratefully received.

(Sourced here.)

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