Thursday, December 06, 2007

... and on the Right we have ...

A great rundown of the Cast of Characters panting after the Republican nomination by SteveAudio ... in the style of Hunter S. Thompson. You get to guess which is who ... like that would be a real challenge ...


Let's read the vile scorecard, shall we?

A filthy rich second generation ward-heeler with the ethical firmness of a marshmallow who wants to buy the election before the others can steal it.

A filthy and richly shaded ex-mayor, equipped with hot and cold running accomplices who regards it as a droit de seigneur that his city's police force should act as his mistresses's personal limo service.

A religious zealot who beseeches God to vote Republican, on his prop cell phone ... That's a mockery. From a man of faith.

More on SteveAudio, if you like that sort of thing .. and I do.

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