Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Magic of the Republican Party

... is on par with the old joke: "A drunk walked down the street and turned into a bar ... "

From Crooks and Liars: "Another day, another sex scandal involving a god-fearing republican who just happened to be a key supporter of John McCain. That and the fact that this legislator had also co-sponsored bills on public sex is pretty much par for the course with these guys. In a tearful, blubbering performance at a press conference Allen vowed to fight this grave injustice to the bitter end."

Video Clip here.

It seems we are inundated with proof on a daily basis that Republicans all think with their little head. At least Bill was capable of using both.

No one would care if these hypocrits hadn't gone to such pains to set themselves up as the keepers of everyone's morality ... if they hadn't been so spiteful and judgemental ... and vindictive.

If I didn't know that most of them are born again Christians I'd think they'd been taking lessons from Catholic priests!

Lesson here? The holier-than-thou one is, the more gleeful I am when the fall comes ... and it always does.

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