Thursday, July 19, 2007

David Vitter: Party Pooper

Yahoo News
Chris Kelly Tue Jul 17, 10:44 AM ET

Yesterday, David Vitter -- the first Republican elected to the Senate from Louisiana since Reconstruction -- held a press conference, and the gist of it was this:

1) I take full responsibility for something, but I won't say what.

2) Don't believe the rumors about my having a history of doing what I've just been caught repeatedly doing. These are lies spread by my enemies and I take righteous exception to the suggestion that I've ever been diapered by a prostitute, except for those five times you know about.

3) Oh, and when I say, "I take full responsibility" what I mean is, I plan to keep my job and go on with my life exactly as I did before you caught me. Suck it.

Suck the rest of it here ...

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