Monday, July 23, 2007

Boy-Molesting Priest Also Giuliani Consultant

or Republican Family Values, Part 7,627

Cross-dressing thrice-married abortionist Rudy Giuliani is building a “dream team” of consultants that so far includes a diaper-wearing hooker-fucker in New Orleans and a coke-dealing state treasurer in South Carolina. He seems to be lacking a pedophile on his team. Any possibilities out there?

How about a “Catholic priest accused of sexually molesting boys and who also was the lawyer for a now-closed Whitinsville counseling house for troubled priests that has been described as the center of a pedophile sex ring,” would that work for Rudy? Why yes, yes it would!

On Wonkette...

And now a brief word from our Right Wing sponsors ... "gay marriage will destroy the family!" I guess they'd know what might destroy a family.

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