Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bomb plot thwarted at Falwell funeral

Police have arrested an American university student over a bomb plot connected to the funeral of controversial American evangelist Jerry Falwell, US media reports say.

The arrested man, 19-year-old Mark D Uhl, reportedly told police he had made the bombs to prevent protesters from disrupting Mr Falwell's funeral, held in Virginia yesterday.

The reports said Uhl is a student at Liberty University, a Christian institution founded by Mr Falwell, who referred to it as a "Bible boot camp".
The rest of the story here ...

Personally, I think it would be appropriate for the Department of Justice (DoJ) to start busting Christian jehadist sleeper cells who are apparently armed to the teeth with IEDs and who are prepared to field their own suicide bombers for their ayatollahs.

Our fundamentalists are sounding more and more like their fundamentalists every passing day.

In the meantime, the bomber says he was preparing for "protesters" who he anticipated disrupting Falwell's funeral. If you liked Falwell, you wouldn't be protesting and if you didn't like Falwell ... you wouldn't have anything to protest, either ... maybe Falwell's passing might be something to celebrate with a couple drinks at the local pub ... but certainly nothing to protest. Perhaps an ironic toast ... "God rest ye merry gentleman!"

Frankly, prepping for protesters at a funeral sounds a lot like projection to me.

The only people I'm aware of who have been disrupting funerals have been fundamentalist Christians disrupting the funerals of fallen servicemen ... in their ill advised tactic of protesting gays. Boy, there must be logic in there somewhere!

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